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Bnext Solutions offers a broad and unique recruitment and HR outsourcing services delivered by experienced professionals. As a client you stand to enjoy cost savings, productivity improvements and other benefits that come with full HR staff without hassle and expenses of hiring in house.

How We Help?

  • Recruiting and selection Using our wide range of talent management solution, we will help you find and hire the right talent for your business
  • Tax administration and payroll You never have to worry about deductions, payroll, accountants or benefits ever again because we provide the comprehensive solutions and do it for you.
  • Employee benefits We offer your employees a variety of premium benefits that won’t go over your budget.
  • Employee relations As your human resource partner, Bnext Solutions will help you streamline and centralize your HR administration.
  • Training and development Keep your business competitive and growing with the latest employees and HR management training.
  • Risk management and safety Staying up to date with the emerging employee regulations and compliance issues to reduce our client’s risk and liability.

Our Benefits

Our Benefits

  • Easy process – manage hiring with less confusion, less effort and best of all in less time
  • More choice- enjoy and increased number of qualified applicants
  • Better choice – assessed and pre-qualified candidates
  • Quicker hires – our streamlined process leverages recruiting expertise and technology for better and faster hire
  • Great results – the final candidate will always without a doubt be your ideal person for the position
  • Costs- based on your business needs you can either choose to have us do all the work for you or do some of the work yourself

What you should know before outsourcing your HR department

HR outsourcing reinforces your hiring process. Outsourcing firms have an advantage over in-house HR departments because their major focus is staffing. This means they have even better and meaningful connections with the local candidate pool and can attract suitable applicants. By utilizing outsourcing services employers can enjoy a variety of staffing alternatives.

Outsourcing your HR saves you money

You can save minimal costs such as administrative costs that come with the hiring process like the advertisement of open positions. Other than saving minimal costs you also get to save major costs that come with HR positions themselves. When outsourcing you don’t need to develop and maintain an in-house HR department or hire HR staff. You save the costs of spce, operational budget and salaries.

You can outsource all or only part of your HR administrative tasks

Outsourced HR firms are usually staffed by employment specialists who are capable and fully equipped to handle various specialized services including orientation, training, performance appraisal systems, affirmation action plans, strategy, goal tracking, business plans and annual budgets.

Outsourced HR saves you time

The shortened hiring process, reduction of administration tasks and the elimination of task preparation and payroll processing can help you focus more on the productivity of the primary business.

Any company can outsource their HR department

Every company can leverage the range and flexibility of options provided by HR outsourcing firms regardless of your number of employees. HR outsourcing allows small business to create a more professional and bigger company image.

Benefits of Outsourcing Your HR Functions

Employees are the building blocks of an effective business which makes HR the backbone of your entire operation. However, human resources management is a multidisciplinary practice that consists of many areas including payroll, recruitment, compliance and benefits. This makes HR a nuanced and complex function for large and small companies alike. HR outsourcing services allow companies to reach their full potential in terms of human resource management and beyond. From recruitment of employees to managing payroll, development of training programs and enforcing compliance rules and regulations; HR services handle multiple areas for your company to reach their goals with minimum overhead. Here are some benefits of outsourcing your HR services and what it could mean for your business:

Cost Optimization – Pay Less Get More

Outsourcing your HR functions can result in cost optimization and overall cost saving for your company. In-house Human resource managers have high salaries that might be costing you more than you can handle. With a whole HR team and their dedicated office space, these salaries can quickly add up to large amounts that are beyond your budget. Outsourcing HR can reduce these overhead expenses to stay within your budget. Outsourced HR costs are also scalable and can be adjusted according to business needs. Here are some other ways in which HR outsourcing can optimize costs:

  • Reduction in hiring and training Costs HR recruitment services ensure the recruitment high potential candidates to decrease turnover rates and optimize hiring and training costs.
  • revent Penalties due to Non-Compliance HR services handle compliance on your behalf to make sure that you are free from penalties.
  • Boost Business Productivity to Maximize sales With outsourced HR services, you team can focus on the core business goals and growth strategies that contribute to the overall revenue of your company.

Work with Experienced Professionals

Many small to medium sized businesses on a budget handle their own HR functions without having any experience in the field. This not only takes up valuable time that could be spent on business priorities but also leads to mistakes that can heavily cost your business. HR is a very important aspect of your organization that needs specialized expertise that can only be delivered by true professionals. By managing their own HR, businesses run the risk of making mistakes with payroll, inadequate paperwork and compliance issues. Outsourced HR services provide veterans that take care of these business critical functions on your behalf so you can focus on what truly matters to your business.

Take Recruitment to the Next Level

Recruitment can be a long and laborious process that is often high stakes for all companies. Businesses want to hire the best employees with the largest potential and the lowest risk factors. HR services handle this recruitment process with practiced ease to hire only the best for your business. By providing better offers and packages for potential employees, HR specialists can attract the best talent towards your business. Effective HR services streamline the recruitment process to attract the cream of the crop. Beyond hiring the best candidates, HR can also help with the onboarding process, and monitor their performance for an all-in-one recruitment solution.

Improve Compliance Standards

With ever changing employment and wage laws, ensuring compliance can be a complex undertaking that is best left to the professionals. Outsourcing HR services helps your company meet the required compliance standards with ease. When it comes to issues such as discipline, disputes, termination or harassment claims, companies are required to meet certain laws and standards and failing to meet these can result in lawsuits and fines. HR services handle these intricate issues on your behalf to conceive legal policies dictated by current laws.

Payroll and Accounting

Payroll and accounting can be tricky to navigate without the required experience. You can save the costs of hiring and putting together an in-house payroll staff by outsourcing your payroll and accounting. Outsourced HR companies take responsibility for creating employee pay slips, tax advisory and payroll analysis for accounting. With your payroll and accounting being properly managed by the specialists, you can save valuable time and money spent on calculating payroll and dealing with accounting issues.

HR Services for an Improved Business

To reach the pinnacle of success, companies need a fully functional HR department. We provide dynamic HR management and consultancy services to organizations, helping them boost their overall productivity rate. Our well- trained consultants concentrate on the client’s most crucial concerns and provide them with valuable advice to assist them in achieving their goals and visions. For each layer of the corporate sector, we provide specialized counseling on relevant topics.Our professional consultants identify an organization's weakest areas and suggest improvements respectively, so the company could progress and achieve their goals.

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