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Finding, hiring and retaining the right employees is a hard enough task in today’s business world. Whether you have five employees or 500 employees the challenge comes with managing your workforce to balance employment rules and regulations with employee satisfaction something that is constantly a shifting paradigm that can be extremely difficult to accomplish with the ever limited resources.

Support Your Team With The Recruiter It Needs

On-demand recruiting and HR solutions is a flexible monthly service.

At BNext Solutions we understand the challenges that come with finding and retaining the very best people available in the job market. You shouldn’t bear this burden alone. Our system is centralized, easy and efficient. Before searching for talent we seek to understand your corporate culture and values. Our platform links recruiters with thousands of potential candidates seeking jobs. Our talented team reviews all the applications we receive before sending you applications of the top candidates. By choosing us you stand to benefit by accessing only the best candidates available. Our rigorous screen process guarantees that you will get the perfect fit for your business.

Monthly Pricing

BNext is a success-based platform, which means that employers only pay after hiring a perfect candidate. There are no upfront fees charged. We offer competitive placement and HR fees. We guarantee a 35% to 50% savings on costs as compared to other recruiting methods.

Press Pause

As our client we don’t tell you what you need, you tell us. You have an unlimited option of leveraging our permanent HR professionals on a temporary basis during high workload periods.

Adjust Anytime

Whether you need one person or a whole company we are on it. With our access to the largest candidate database in the country, you will always get the right person or people for the job right away. We provide our staffing solutions based on your business needs, you have the choice to have us do all the work for you or do some of the work yourself.

Choose The Service That Fits Your Needs

HR Out Sourcing

The people you search for, select and interview as potential employees shape the success of your business. Our designed solutions deliver quality candidates every time.

For When
  • "Your pool of applicants isn’t enough to select from or you’re simplify not hiring the best talent."
  • "You need a skilled HR team or manager on a contract basis to work on any emerging recruiting or general HR issues."
  • "You want to access your risk especially with the ever-changing HR laws and regulations and you need to evaluate your HR practices and processes."
  • Recruiting and selection
  • Tax administration and payroll
  • Employee benefits and relations
  • Training and development
  • Temporary basis
  • Interim basis
  • Permanent basis

With our comprehensive screening process, you are guaranteed to work with true professionals.

For When
  • "You don’t have time to do sourcing"
  • "You need to be part of a merit-based and transparent hiring process"
  • "You don’t have access to a big enough database"
  • Sourcing
  • Talent and recruitment management
  • Training and employee relations
  • Equality and diversity
  • Temporary basis
  • Interim basis
  • Permanent basis

Common questions

We are a leader when it comes to human resource solutions to small and medium sized companies. Having being in this sector for over a decade, we bridge the gap between employers and employees while always maintaining quality standards.
We assure you that the recruitment takes a short time. It can range from hours to a few days depending on the technicality of the profession and the available candidates on our database.
You human resources department is one of the core parts of your company or organization. A HR department has to manage pay and benefits, deal with industrial relations and implement any relevant governmental laws. We take care of all of this including the recruitment process, benefits and employment terminations.
We cover a range of professions including IT, Sales and Marketing, Business and Finance, Education, Engineering, Arts and Design, Media, Data and the Automotive Industry.

Specialized Support


Having a working HR department is very important especially for start-ups. They not only hire the right talent which are founding stones of your start-up. But they also make sure that you build the right organizational culture. HR Department even takes care of legal compliances to be followed by your start-up.


Outsourcing HR functions not only reduces companies expenses but creates greater efficiency within human resources systems. Advanced human resources technology utilized by outsourcing providers, helps streamline important HR functions such as payroll, benefit administration and compliance management.


Being competitive in these areas isn’t always easy for small and medium-sized businesses. Smaller companies often don’t have the budgets to support the necessary personnel. If money can be saved using some form of outsourced HR, more funds will be available to invest in core activities—areas that will, in the long run, fuel success.

Company Needs

Bnext Solutions understands the need to deal with issues related to compensation, performance management, organisation development, safety, wellness, benefits, employee motivation, training and others. HRM plays a strategic role in managing people and the workplace culture and environment.

Our Recruiters Are Ready To Go !

Trained And Equipped

Our HR Department has access to many candidates across the country and understands the implications, as this method of operating is starting to deliver.

Embracing Transformation

Bnext solutions most effective ways provide continuity throughout a period of change and offer employers and employees a point of access, that’s available 24/7.


We'll always match you up with opportunities that are the right fit.