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Creating a Compelling Resume

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A powerful resume is an essential tool for a successful job hunt. It serves as a fundamental bridge between the potential employer and the recruiting company. Your resume is what sells you. Hence, the importance of a resume can never be taken lightly. Remember that your resume can make or break your very first impression. Your resume reaches the office of your potential employer even before you do. According to a recent study, 70 percent of the recruiters do not shortlist candidates who fail to impress them with their resume’s structure, even when their career outline is worth hiring. So, it is essential for every career-oriented individual seeking help from a professional recruiting agency for creating a perfect CV. That is where we enter in the picture with the expertise of our team. We can prepare an outstanding error-free resume for you to stand out in the pool of potential candidates so that you can maximize your chances of getting interviews and job opportunities. s.

How to Create a Perfect CV ?

To understand what your resume needs to include, one must understand what is considered as a red flag in a CV. Remember that only mediocre resume can have any typos, irregular bullets or dashes, unattractive and senseless font sizes and headings. A proper resume has all of these things aligned and appropriately written. Let’s start with a step by step resume guide.

Use a formal and Readable Font

Complicated fonts make resume hard to read, which could encourage employers to eject them without reading. There are two general types of fonts which are usually used for resume writing, Serif, and Sans Serif. That is why you need to choose a clear, easy resume font. Some of the best fonts include:

  • Avenir
  • Calibri
  • Cambria
  • Constantia
  • Corbel
  • Franklin Gothic
  • Garamond
  • Georgia
  • Gill Sans
  • Helvetica

Select the best resume font size

The average font size for your resume is between 11 and 14 points. The size also depends upon the template you choose. However, the resume must not exceed more than one page, maximum two. Therefore keep the font size which is readable but small enough to finish the cv in one or two pages. Also, make sure you don't decrease the font size lower than ten as it will become unreadable.

For Example, take a look at this sentence

Performed inventory audits on a monthly basis

And now this
Performed inventory audits on a monthly basis

The first one is too big for a CV note and the second is too small to read. You need to avoid both approaches by keeping it under 11-14.

Keeping it precise.

A CV should not be extended more than one page, or maximum two.

For Example, here’s a resume sentence that can be shortened:
“Produced record audits on a regular basis and recognized problems with over-ordering—executed an industry solution beyond all units which ended in a 10% improvement in income.”
Now, this is too elaborative. You can say the same thing in fewer words.
“Produced monthly record audits, recognizing problem to attain 10% revenue increase.”

Do not Use too “thin” or too “light” fonts

If you will use a very thin or very light font, it will definitely increase the difficulty level. Never use colors like yellow and grey for fonts. In fact, prefer black for most of the sections, highlight with red if you feel the need.

A Step by Step Guide about What to Include in a Resume

Every reputed company receives hundreds of CVs every day from which they have to shortlist five to ten people only. This means that there is a great chance that your CV goes unnoticed unless it is one of the best ones. A good resume is always precise but complete. The candidate must tell every piece of relevant information most accurately along with proper formatting. While writing a CV, these are some critical pointers one needs to remember. r.

  • Add Personal Details

    Add important personal details. Only such as your contact information and residential details.

    For Example, you can add your details like this, short and precise.

    James Andersone

    Address: 33th Street, Trivary Avenue , New York
    Phone number: 09121 6752453

    Step 1.

  • A Personal Statement

    A short but effective personal statement is important to grab potential employer’s attention by describing your best attributes.

    For Example, take a look at this precise but impactful statement.

    “CIM qualified VP Marketing with participation rising market share and entering new markets for world-class luxury goods brands. Fluent in English, I have held country management roles in Rome and Singapore and maintain strong Digital Marketing skills. USA-based, I am now seeking a Head Commercial Officer role with a startup, a corporate luxury brand with global growth.”

    Step 2.

  • Skill Section

    Know what to include in the skills section. Discover how to bring your skills to the fore and make sure you understand the difference between transferable, job-related and adaptive skills.

    For Example, this is how you can write your skill summary:
    Skills Summary
    • Communication: Award-winning, customer service skills.
    • Problem Solving: Analyze and Solve complexed queries in a systematic manner individually and with internal and external business associates.
    • Team Player: Appreciates sharing experience and encouraging the growth of others to perform specific team objects.

    Step 3.

  • Work Experience

    Mention work experiences properly. This is the most important section of your CV, make sure to write the name of the company you worked in, the duration of your serving period and your designation as well. Make sure you start with the most recent or your current working place and then goes in ascending order.

    For Example, this is the one of the suitable ways to add work experience

    1. ASmart (2013 - 2014)

    Customer Service Assistant & Lay-By Assistant
    Working on a random basis, this job involved satisfying general customers who require and assistance.

    2.Maccab (2014)

    Front Counter Assistant
    The first-time position with this well-reputed clothing outlet involved offering extensive training in customer service skills and sales techniques.

    Step 4.

  • Qualification

    Include your qualifications and skill set precisely. Make sure you only add what is important.

    For example, you can write your qualifications like this,

    Stemford University (2016-2019)

    Degree of Bachelors in Business Management

    Step 5.

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