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inJob is the leading and longest-running online recruitment in Vietnam. We understand that job-seekers come to us not only for a job, but for an opportunity to realize their professional dreams and move up in their careers. We, the Dream-Makers, are here to help. With 59 thousand job opportunities each year, the largest of any job website in Vietnam.

Why Choose Us?

Bnext Solutions is one of the leading HR recruitment companies in town, evolving hundreds of enterprises with our incomparable HR expertise. Being the part of HR development, we strongly believe in innovation and the application of new ideas, methods and technologies to meet extensive requirements of various organizations. Considering the pace on which corporate industries are growing, the HR resources must be capable of adapting technological progress for refined operations.

Bnext Solutions strives to initiate, suggest and implement innovative procedures in the organizations to evolve HR in terms of strategic and analytical operations. Acknowledging the significance of satisfying the demands of our valued clients, we provide service opportunities through our excellent HR services.

Efficient Recruitment for Companies

Bnext Solutions prepares outstanding recruitment plans that reflect preciseness, accuracy and excellence for maximizing capabilities of an organization.While planning each step of the recruitment process for you, we ensure to include proper protocols of hiring that leads to the selection of the best candidate.

Our dedicated tea, of recruiters can become an extension of your HR department, assisting your organization to filter through the hundreds of applicants to find the right resource for the job.

In a highly competitive corporate culture, where efficient resources are often difficult to recognize, we bring effective and knowledge-based solutions, and hands on expertise, so that management can find the most talented, skilled and experienced individuals.

HR Outsourced Services

We exhibit high-profile innovative HR solutions that offer extensive customization for our clients. Having experts who provide professional Executive Search & Recruitment and other services for every industry, our team surpasses the client's expectations by delivering resources as per their recruitment culture.

We are dedicated to promoting the selection of the best available talent in the business. Our immense, fully functional database also expedites the speedy procedure of recruitment empowering a company in terms of its workforce.

By ensuring progressive 3rd party employee outsourcing, we guarantee legal and constitutional compliance. We also provide complete assistance in protecting the interest and reputation of your company in all circumstances.

In short, we have experts who can manage an extensive range of human resources tasks that a company needs. Single team for all the HR services is what we promise so that you won't have to outsource to multiple companies. The HR services include every major and minor HR responsibility from benefit plan development, payrolls to administration procedures, recruiting, training and much more.

Pay Rolls

We support organizations to make accurate payrolls for their employee’s, making sure that the calculations and records are accurate. Facilitating companies with seamless HR operations, we are have the experts that keep your employee’s record up to date and payrolls error free.

HR Consultancy

Human Resources act as the backbone of an organization.  Without a fully functional HR department, a company can’t climb the stairs of success. We provide dynamic HR management and consultancy service to organizations helping them boost their overall productivity rate. Our well- trained consultants concentrate on the client’s most crucial concerns and provide them with valuable advice to assist them in achieving their goals and visions. For each layer of the corporate sector, we provide specialized counseling on relevant topics.

We have experienced HR experts having expertise to facilitate organizations with robust HR solutions. We strive to improve the overall management areas and all the other layers in the company through transparency, competent hiring and timely HR operations. Our professional consultants identify an organization's weakest areas and suggest improvements respectively, so the company could progress and achieve their goals.

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