About Us

About Us

B next

Founded in 2009, BNext Solutions is an award winning outsourcing firm that offers human resource management services to small and medium sized enterprises as well as established corporations. Based in Petah Tikva,BNext Solutions has over ten years’ experience in this field. Our HR services are unique since you don’t have to hire an HR manager permanently. Our website offers a friendly interface in addition to having one point of contact for all communication. In addition to HR services, we can recruit competent and qualified employees on your behalf. The short procedure involves your company sharing with us information of what you are looking for and then we look for the right and competent people. Also, we offer consulting services to start ups on training human resource management and funding your company properly from the start. BNext solutions gives you a solid guarantee of quality when it comes to filling all placements. Our database has access to thousands of job seekers. We also work effectively with websites and partners.


Our DNA is to make it easy for employers to access the best of talent with minimal resources and at record time.

We understand that business is all about people. B Next continuously utilizes innovation to stay up to date with emerging trends. Offering quality service to our clients is top of our priorities.

The only way to do great work is to love what you do. if you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle.
- Steve Jobs

Our Values

Our values are the core of our company and continually help us in ensuring we keep our clients first. These values have ensured that we are able to deliver to employers across the world time and again without compromising on quality.


Delivering high quality services is critical to our purpose of providing staffing solutions.


We strive to continually improve and simplify procedures and processes.


Adventure is at the heart of what we do.


We focus on both personal and team achievements.


We are mindful and open to constructive discussions and improved decision making.


we ensure that all information we receive is kept confidential.

Our Mission

We believe in continuous growth and change.

It is on this basis that we continue to work with employers in the ever changing job landscape. Among our top priorities is ensuring that we are up to task in providing the necessary top talent to companies.Since the launch of B Next Solutions, we have endeavoured to make companies staffing needs simple. B Next is involved in recruitment from the beginning to the end.All our services aim at meeting the unique needs of our clients. We have been able to achieve these key milestones through due diligence and hard work. Confidentiality is also key in our operations.

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